Laser Alignment

Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner with Lasers
  • Vertical and horizontal laser alignment
  • Allows for perfectly straight passes
  • Helps for accurate markout


  • Solid polyurethane wheels
  • Properly aligned for straight passes
  • Radial ball bearings for quick, smooth passes

Adjustable Handle

  • Sturdy grip handle adjusts for variety of jobs
  • Two handle system allows for easy use on walls, floors, and non-flat surfaces
  • Stop/start button for quick, easy passes

USB Port

  • Easily export data to memory sticks on-the-go
  • Exports to the following formats: Screenshot and Slice (.png) , Seismic Unix (.su), Seg-Y (.sgy), Auto-report points (.rtf), and printer-friendly

Tablet Interface

  • 10.4 Inch Daylight Readable LCD Display
  • Onboard 3D Processing
  • Processor: Multi-Core Intel Atom
  • Solid State 32GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 Embedded