GPR is used for a variety of applications from utility locating to archaeology and more.

Due to ground penetrating radar's versatility, GPR is used for a variety of applications - ranging from archaeology to utility location and more. Coupled with mapping and GPS technology, calibration techniques, and 3D imaging capabilities, our systems can suit a multitude of needs.

How GPR is Used

GPR is used to aid professionals in locating and documenting objects or anomalies behind or beneath a surface. Whether you are scanning concrete walls, soil, or another surface, our systems are able to image what many traditional locating technologies cannot.

Our customers use GPR for applications such as utility location and mapping, uncovering groundbreaking archaeological findings, assessing geophysical and structural resources, aiding law enforcement investigations, and much more.

The US Radar Advantage

Since 1994, US Radar has pioneered the development and manufacturing of sophisticated subsurface imaging systems. While simultaneously introducing groundbreaking innovations and maintaining an easy-to-use interface, our systems can be mastered by a wide variety of professionals with minimal training.

US Radar GPR systems are used for many applications, including the following:

Find Out How GPR is Used for Your Needs

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