Environmental Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar

Environmental scientists can use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to gather visual data of what lies beneath the Earth's surface. This plays a vital role in protecting regional environments, as well as the planet at large, for future generations.

Use GPR to Detect Environmental Hazards

Ground penetrating radar can be used to detect environmental hazards that cannot be seen at surface level. This is extremely important to the series of threats buried hazards can pose to the environment as well as the plants and animals within it.

With regards to the environment, GPR can:

  • Map the extent of contaminant plumes
  • Determine direction of contaminant migration
  • Assess landfill limits
  • Find buried drums

After completing a scan, the ground penetrating radar system can image the findings and the operator can map them through GPS software for detailed analysis. This allows for more accurate digging and less destruction to the soil and surrounding flora and fauna.

Use GPR to Help the Environment Today

For most environmental applications, US Radar recommends either the GPRover Mapping System or the Quantum Imager Triple Frequency Radar system due to their versatility. These systems feature a rugged design for all-terrain capability, self-calibrating antennas for all soil conditions, and the ability to integrate with GPS for mapping your findings.

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