Law Enforcement Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) aids public officials charged with the prevention and detection of crime. In criminal cases, GPR can help to preserve delicate items used as evidence, and it has the ability to locate areas to allow for more detailed searches by investigators. Other uses of GPR in law enforcement include:

Forensic Investigation

Since ground penetrating radar uses non-destructive methods for detection, it has the potential to assist police and other officials conducting time-sensitive forensic investigations. One way it can be useful is to help with locating the bodies of homicide victims.

GPR has already aided investigators in the discovery of murder victims, including the 2010 discovery of a missing Delaware man who had been buried six feet underground. In this case, ground penetrating radar detected a patch of disturbed soil in a wooded area, and police later confirmed it to be the location body of the missing man.

Buried Caches

Ground penetrating radar find buried caches such as weapons or other evidence connected with a crime. In many cases, caches are quickly buried by criminals to rid themselves of the proof of their activities. Unlike metal detectors, ground penetrating radar can detect non-metallic items such as drugs and money.

Objects Hidden in Walls

Building walls present an ideal space for hiding evidence related to a crime. Walls offer long-term storage for both large and small objects, and it is difficult for others, such as law enforcement officials, to access those items once the wall is sealed again. Moreover, metal detectors are often unreliable for searches because of the presence of electrical wires and pipes behind walls.

Since ground penetrating radar can see through a variety of materials including the structural components of buildings, it can aid in detecting foreign objects hidden in walls. This is especially significant in criminal investigations where there is the possibility of damaging these hidden items while trying to access them.

US Radar recommends the GPRover, Quantum Imager, and Q5C Plus models for criminal investigation applications.

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