3D Imaging & Software

Viewing your GPR scans in 3D allows you to see them more clearly. With our 3D software, you get the power to:

  • Generate multi-scan slice overlays
  • Rotate and zoom data slices for analysis
  • Generate Depth Slices and Peak Maps
  • Drop paths onto map with GPS integration (optional)
  • Versatile migration and real-time processing
  • Time/Depth Slices of user-definable areas/shapes
  • Adjustable transparency
  • Adjustable clip plane options
  • Turn individual scans and slices on and off
  • Preview generated images before adding them to 3D model
  • Data can be exported to other viewing software such as Voxler to generate Isosurface Renderings
  • Data can also be exported in laser scanner/point cloud format

Contact us to discuss your specific applications and which of our software packages offers the best fit.

  • Slider sample
  • gps_slice
  • GPR 3D Data