Radar Studio – Post Processing Software

Radar Studio is an optional all in one software suite designed for viewing and processing Radar Data. It features an infinitely customizable user interface with intuitive controls and features.

  • Seamlessly integrates GPS data and mapping features. As built maps can be imported and compared to radar data containing GPS coordinates for precision locating. New maps can be created and exported.
  • Allows you to open multiple files simultaneously, which increases productivity and data comprehension. This allows the user to easily compare data processing settings and enables them to get the best possible results. Our more advanced filters allow a skilled user to filter external interference and create the best image possible.

Data Processing
Radar Studio offers a plethora of data processing options, and is designed to improve data interpretation. The automatic settings allow for new users to instantly get usable results with only minimal training.

3D Imaging
Radar Studio also offers advanced 3d imaging that allows the user to migrate data in real time, allowing for sharper 3D images. This allows the user to precisely calibrate velocity and depth. Plan view images are displayed in the mapping window and changes are updated in real time.


We understand that context clues are a big part of utility location, which is why annotation is built right into the interface. You can easily add notes, select color codes, and choose icons to be displayed on the data and in the map window. Additionally, lines can be drawn in the map window to represent utilities.

File Exports
Radar Studio offers many file export options, including everything from automatically generated reports, all the way up to advanced CAD and Google Earth files.


Hover over the target to see description of various features.

Real Time Map Data

  • Real time Google map imaging allows for comparing with radar data.

Multiple Files Simultaneously

  • Ability to open multiple files simultaneously, and organize work space to allow productivity and data comprehension.

Depth Slice

  • Generate depth slices, to be exported.

Automatic Settings

  • Automatic settings allow users to get usable results with minimal training.


  • Annotation allows for easier data interpretation.


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