Software Packages

All Q Series Systems start at Basic package.
All Quantum Imagers come with Complete package.
Premium packages contain Basic features.
Complete packages contain Basic and Premium features.


  • Real-time Locate/Markout
  • Color palettes
  • Flat Gain
  • Adjustable Gain Profile
  • Layer filter (Remove Average)
  • Ground Truth
  • Built-in Help System


Data Saving & Exporting

  • Save Seg2 .rad files
  • Save Screenshots
  • Convert Surveys into .PNG files
  • Export Seg-Y (.SGY) and Seismic Unix (.SU) files


  • Depth Calibration
  • Inverse/Measure distance between two points
  • Data transfer program streamlines backing data up on USB
  • Auto configure routine for each antenna type
  • Depth Range Changing

Expert Mode

  • Enable Custom Settings for specialized applications
  • Use custom data triggers such as timer mode or GPS trigger
    (with advanced GPS license)
  • Custom depth ranges/sampling intervals
  • Advanced Data Processing
  • Enable various filters and algorithms

Basic GPS

  • Use internal GPS to log coordinates-if fitted on system

Annotation & Report Generation

  • Create symbols with coordinates on points of interest
  • Export spreadsheet of points
  • Export Word file report of points with data images


    Advanced GPS(requires basic GPS and annotation)

    • Use high accuracy submeter and subcentimeter external GPS units to log coordinates

    Basic 3D

  • Record 3D Area Scans
  • View 3D Area scans as Depth Slices

  • Advanced 3D

    • View 3D Area Scans in 3D Viewer
    • Export point clouds to third party programs such as Voxler

    Google Earth(requires a GPS module)

    • View radar pass paths on Google Earth
    • View points selected from radar data on Google Earth
    • View peak maps on Google Earth (requires basic 3D)
    • View depth slices on Google Earth (requires basic 3D)
    • View Google Earth and radar data in real time split-screen to see scan history and as-builts