In addition to our own software, our data can be exported to industry standard Seg-Y format to be processed in almost any other existing software package.

Our data files and GPS logs can be read natively by GPR-SLICE which offers the following capabilities:
  • 2-D/3-D time slices
  • 3-D volume displays and renderings
  • Vector navigation
  • Complete GPS navigation integration
  • Animation creation
  • DXF file creation
  • Signal processing
  • Image processing
  • Split screen comparison options
  • Topography corrections
  • Antenna tilt compensation
  • Horizon detection and mapping
  • Batch processing
  • Customizable multiple image displays
  • Easy grid connection and appending
  • Specialized Grid filters
  • 4-D survey processing
  • Map transform controls
  • Tunnel/cylinder warping
  • Graphic exports
  • Import, process, and synthesize: GPR, magnetometer, resistivity, & EM data
  • gpr-survey-image01
  • gpr-survey-image02
  • 3-D-02
  • 3-D-01
  • 3-D-08
Finally, our data can also be natively opened in the Reflex family of softwares (ReflexW, Reflex2DQuick, & Reflex3D) which offer an inexpensive alternative for processing, viewing, analyzing, plotting data, and building reports.

Contact us to discuss your specific applications and which software program offers the best fit.