GPR News – Quantum Mini


MATAWAN, N.J., May 4, 2016 - US Radar Inc., the leading innovator of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and subsurface imaging systems, announces the release of the Quantum Mini, the world's first dual-frequency concrete scanner. The Quantum Mini is a solution to the dilemma of choosing between two of the most popular frequencies for scanning concrete. The incorporation of two resolution perspectives offers superior accuracy in location of anomalies both within and beyond concrete structures. Further, it allows users to quickly and effectively scan concrete and any utilities up to 72 inches (180 cm) below surface, offering the greatest depth of any concrete scanner on the market.

The Quantum Mini features an easy-to-use, handheld, all-in-one design that allows users to scan floors, walls and ceilings all while viewing and interpreting data in real time. It uses laser-based alignment technology to line up with passing grids to create accurate scan data, and to inform precise mark-out of rebar, post-tension cables, voids, utility lines and other anomalies.
"US Radar is proud to raise the industry standard to provide the first concrete scanner of its kind that gives users the ability to run both or either frequencies at any time, as well as higher resolution scans at greater depths of measurement," said Ron Labarca, President of US Radar.

The Quantum Mini interface features a 10.1-inch (26 cm) LCD with 3D onboard processing, a selection of readymade and custom color palettes and includes horizontal slicing, all with the purpose of allowing more compelling data analysis. It can automatically generate reports and export data in various graphic and video file formats. The system also features 8-hour battery life with two hot-swappable batteries, allowing the system to run continuously without having to shut the unit down to recharge.

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