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Quantum Imager Adds Depth, Resolution to Locating Technology

quantum-quarterview-lowLAS VEGAS, March 6, 2014 - US Radar Inc., a leading manufacturer of subsurface imaging systems, has introduced the Quantum Imager™, the world’s first ground-penetrating radar system to use triple-frequency radar technology for locating and imaging objects at greater depths and with higher resolution than competitive single- or dual-frequency systems.

The Quantum Imager excels in a wide variety of applications, from bridge deck analysis to locating and imaging utilities at depths up to 30 feet – twice the depth limit of dual-frequency systems and three times that of single-frequency units. Patent-pending technology in the Quantum Imager applies ultra-wideband pulses that combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar. The system is especially effective in locating objects such as conduit and rebar, and rendering high-resolution imagery of those objects.

“New direct radio frequency sampling technology used in the Quantum Imager creates clearer, easier-to-understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies,” said Ron Labarca, president of US Radar. “The combined technologies of the Quantum Imager define a new state of the art in ground-penetrating radar systems.”

The four-wheeled, walk-behind Quantum Imager incorporates a Panasonic Toughpad tablet computer that enables the operator to run a suite of Windows-based applications, including GPS, 3D imaging, Google Earth integration and report generation. The tablet computer features a 10.1-in., high-definition screen, readable in all lighting conditions, and incorporates connectivity options such as wi-fi, Bluetooth and optional 3G and 4G direct internet service.

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