All-in-one GPR Products

All-in-one GPR systems are the most cost effective solution for most end users. The all-in-one systems are also more maneuverable and user-friendly. The various software options make it possible for these units to be as simple as just turn on and go, yet also have various options and capabilities targeted for more advanced users.


GPRover GPRoverCutout Base station free mapping GPR The GPRover is an all in one system that combines global GPS connectivity with award winning triple frequency bandwidth technology. Not just a GPR but a sophisticated platform that integrates advanced subsurface imaging technology, high accuracy GPS, and mapping capability.
Quantum Imager quantum-quarterview-small Multi-frequency GPR Introducing the world's first triple frequency GPR. The Quantum Imager excels in nearly all applications, it is especially suited for clay soils, deep utilities, and fine targets that require high resolution imaging. The Quantum Imager is the most versatile utility locating GPR on the market.
Quantum Mini Mini-profile-small Dual Frequency Concrete Scanner Dual frequency concrete scanning system features 1000 and 2000 MHz antenna making it the most versatile concrete scanner in the world.
Q5C+ q5-quarterview-small Standard Utility Locating System Locate utilities and other targets up to 15' (4.5 m) deep including smaller laterals, cables, and small plastic pipes. This unit is the best choice for most budget conscious utility locating applications.
Q25C q5-quarterview-small Deep Utility Locating System Locate larger targets up to 30' (10 m) deep at medium resolution
Q10C q5-quarterview-small High Resolution Cart System Perfect for locating conduit and rebar in floors as well as bridge deck analysis