Modular GPR Products


Modular GPR systems are an excellent value when a broad range of applications are going to be performed. The same system can be used for concrete scanning, buried utility locating, and deep geophysical applications merely by changing the antenna and mounting system. Due to their flexibility, they can also be easily adapted to special applications and mounted on a variety of special purpose vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, etc.

Look at the the configurations possible with the same basic hardware:

Modular Cart Configurations

500 Series 500m-small Standard Utility Locating Systems Locate most utilities and similar targets up to 15' (4.5 m) deep with unrivalled clarity
250 Series 250m-small Deep Utility Locating Systems Locate larger targets up to 30' (10 m) deep at medium resolution
100 Series 100-profile-gps-small Deep Geophysical System Locate tunnels, mines, and geophysical features up to 100' (30 m) deep
1000 Series 1000hr-small High Resolution Cart System Perfect for locating conduit and rebar in floors as well as bridge deck analysis


3D & 2D Concrete Scanning & Inspection Configurations

Quantum Mini Mini-profile-small Dual Frequency Scanner Dual frequency system features 1000 and 2000 MHz antenna making it the most versatile concrete scanner in the world.
1000 Series 1000hr-small Cart System Modular system which is perfect for locating conduit and rebar in floors as well as bridge deck analysis. The HR system can also be converted into a suitcase.
1000 Series 1000HH-small Deep Concrete Scanning System For deeper concrete scanning and analysis up to 4.5' (1.4 m) deep, with a minute sacrifice in detail compared to the 1500.
1500 Series 1000HH-med Medium Depth Concrete Scanning System Rebar and conduit locating workhorse for locating most targets up to 3'(.91 m) deep.
2000 Series 2000HH-small High Resolution Concrete Scanning System For working in slabs with denser rebar patterns which are becoming increasingly common. Locates fine targets up to 2' (.6m) deep. This is the best all-around performing concrete scanning antenna for most applications.
2500 Series 2000HH-small Extra High Resolution Concrete Scanning System For locating extremely fine targets up to 18" (45 cm) deep.