Terms & Conditions

US Radar warrants that all products have been fully tested and were performing at or above specification at the time of shipment. It is imperative that upon receipt of shipment, the items are unpacked and inspected to insure that handling inconsistencies during shipping have not caused a condition where the product(s) may not perform to specification. US Radar offers full support and training on the proper use and operation of all of our products. The proper use and operation of our systems is key to gaining every advantage that this technology has to offer. As well, it is imperative that the trained operator fully understand the limitations of the systems through an understanding derived by our training. US Radar Inc and our authorized distributors make no warranties as to the performance and capabilities of these systems. It is up to the operator to insure that the system is working properly and to specifications prior to any use. Our customer support staff are available to assist with any questions regarding performance or operation. We will do our best to resolve any issues that may arise however in the case of any irreconcilable disputes, causes of action, mediations, arbitrations or suits NJ law shall prevail and shall be resolved if by legal action in the State of NJ, USA. Any equipment returns must be accompanied by an RMA or the shipment will be refused. Due to the custom nature all system sales are NCNR unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Returns of unopened equipment are subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee. US Radar is under no obligation to accept return of used or damaged goods. Our standard warranty terms and conditions apply to any product fault that is deemed to be covered under warranty.